Singing in a Chorus has benefits for body and mind

Did you know that Choral Singing has benefits for mind and body, including improved immune systems?  Author Daniel Pink discusses the benefits below:

From the transcript of “Face the Nation” interview (12/24/17) with author Daniel Pink

JOHN DICKERSON: How timing works when you’re working with lots of other people as well.

DANIEL PINK: Yeah. Well, there’s some really, really interesting research on how teams synchronize things like choirs, rowing teams, delivery services. And one of the things that is so interesting about our nature is that it seems that coordinating with other people, being in sync and in time with other people is something fundamentally human about that. And– and we have a propensity for it. And one of the things that’s so interesting about that, if you look at, let’s take exercise as an example. Exercise is absolutely good for you, right? It makes you– it boosts your mood, it’s a prophylactic against depression, it reduces– it helps controls your weight, it’s all good. Well, there’s kind of new exercise out there and it’s choral singing of all things. Choral singing has benefits that are just extraordinary at the physiological level and the psychological level. It is useful for cancer patients, it improves your immune response, it boosts your mood, so there’s something about synchronizing with other people that makes us feel good. It also helps– when kids do synchronous activities, they actually afterwards are a little bit more, what social psychologists call pro-social, that is they will– will play with kids who aren’t like them, they’re more likely to cooperate, they’re more likely to help.

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