Do I need to Read Music?
Most of our members do not read music.  There is ample time to learn the music for a season by attending the rehearsals.

Do I have to Audition?
Normally, prospective new members come to an open house to learn more about us, and sing some scales to assist in voice placement.

How long is a season?
There are two seasons per year.  The Spring season is typically from January to May.  The Fall season is typically from September to December.

When are rehearsals?
We rehearse on Tuesday nights during the season in the Music Room of HB Whitehorne Middle School, 600 Bloomfield Avenue, in Verona.  This location is easily accessible from Municipal Parking Lot #1.

Are there dues?
The members pay dues to support the organization.  We also sell boosters in our programs.

Are my dues or donations tax deductible?
We are not currently a 501(c)3 organization, but we’re working on it.

How long has Verona Voices been in existence?
We have had several different names since we were founded in 1947.

Where are the concerts?
We usually perform in the Ballroom of the Verona Community Center and in nursing homes.

Have more questions?
Email us at voices.essex@gmail.com 






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